Upgrading a hard disk

Here is my usual procedure for upgrading a hard disk, that is, replacing a hard disk with a larger hard disk but getting everything on the old disk onto the new disk so it looks just as it did before but with more space. I'm a Linux person, but these steps work for hard disks with Windows on them, too.

Additional steps needed for Dell laptops

My brother had a Dell Inspiron E1405 laptop into which he asked me to put a larger disk. I used the steps above as I had done on many other machines previously. But when I booted with the new disk, it showed up in the BIOS & GParted as being the same size as the old disk. The source of the trouble turned out to be Dell's hidden MediaDirect partition and the sneaky way the machine gets to it. See http://www.goodells.net/dellrestore/ for more details. To fix the problem is fairly straightforward: After disabling the HPA, I booted from the hard disk, just to make sure the system would still boot. Then I rebooted with GParted, changed the partition sizes, and then was able to boot back into Windows and see the full capacity of the new disk.