Using a here document in a shell script

This doc is kind of an add-on to Using a here document in a perl script which is similar, so you may want to have a look at that, too. The point of this doc is to just show an example of a here doc in a shell script. Also, in the example below, I use a dash (-) between the << and EO. This makes the script ignore any tabs within which can be handy if one is indenting for something such as if statements.

#!/bin/bash MAIL () { mail -s "test of here document" $1 <<-EOF This is the body of the message. I'd like it to be indented in the original script, to make it easier to read. Normally when I do that it likewise inserts those indents into the email message, such that it looks odd to the receiver. But in this case the dash above prevents that. This is the second paragraph, even though it's only one, well perhaps two sentences. In either case, it's shorter than the first paragraph. But it has two 2-space tabs in front of it. But like the first paragraph, the tabs will not be in the email message this script produces. This last paragraph has no leading tabs. As with the other paragraphs, leading tabs don't matter. When the message is received, all three paragraphs will line up on the left margin. EOF } MAIL $p