Restarting X on my Sun Ultra 5 running Solaris 8

Sometimes the X server on my Sun workstation locks up or something, such that the screen locks up.  Usually I can still telnet/ssh into the box, but I can't get the graphical login for the console working.  On one occasion, root had been logged in on the console using gnome and the screen saver had locked up the screen.  So, I killed all the processes associated with dtlogin, until I was able to get a command-line login to appear on the console.  Then, I logged in on the console as root, and ran '/etc/init.d/dtlogin start'.  This should restart the graphical login on the console once I logout, which it did.

The other problem that happened next is that KDE couldn't startup after I logged in.  It would complain about inter-process communication not starting, and says to verify that the DCOP server is running.  The DCOP server is supposed to be started when KDE is started up, so logging in on the command line and looking for  DCOP server in the output from ps doesn't do any good.  The problem on this occasion was that the default permissions on /tmp/.ICE-unix are 755 and they need to be 777 (similar to the problem with vnc via inetd).  Run /etc/init.d/ICE-unix-fix to set the permissions correctly.