How to make Nautilus open directories in the same window

As of Gnome 2.6, the Nautilus file manager defaults to a 'object oriented' view instead of the 'navigational' view that I prefer. Apparently, it's easier for new users to understand when a new window opens for each directory you open. Maybe so, but it seems to me that as one becomes more proficient with navigating directories, having all those windows open up becomes really annoying. Fortunately, the bahavior can be changed; unfortunately, the place to make the change is really buried. Supposedly it was to become an option under Edit/Preferences, but as of Gnome 2.8, it's still not there.

With that said, to change Nautilus to a navigation method, which means when you click on a directory that directory is opened in the same window, isn't too hard:

Using GConf (Fedora -> System Tools -> Configuration Editor) and go to the /apps/nautilus/preferences key. You can then apply a tick alongside the always_use_browser key. Log out of GNOME, and upon re-logging in, your new changes would take effect.

The above was shamelessly copied from but I put it here in case that page ever goes away. Go to the link and read the whole page, including the link to the dicussion about why Gnome moved toward the 'spatial' view. It's a good explanation, even if I still prefer the navigation approach. But that's just me.