Some lightweight tools, useful for low-end LTSP systems

I'm a big proponent of LTSP systems. Most modern computer systems spend over 90% of their CPU cycles in idle state (and by modern I mean anything manufactured after 2000, perhaps even earlier). LTSP allows a decent server to provide programs and resources for REALLY low-end clients--meaning Pentium I and 486 clients. To get get the most bang on the server, it helps to use lightweight tools. K12LTSP provides the IceWM window manager as an option. K12LTSP uses Nautilus with IceWM to provide desktop icons and a file manager, which IceWM doesn't have by itself. But Nautilus uses a lot of resources, such that you lose the advantage that IceWM provides. So, here are some alternatives.

File managers

  • XFE, X File Explorer. Last update 2004-09-24.
  • XWC, X Win Commander. Last update 2003-8-30.
  • Interestingly, I think both of the above file managers use the FOX widget set.

    Desktop Icons

  • DFM, Desktop File Manager. Last update 2001-05-01.
  • iDesk, desktop icons. Last update 2005-02-01
  • 03/02/2005