Testing a JetDirect printer with telnet

In troubleshooting problems with a printer connected to a network via JetDirect (an HP technology for connecting a printer directly to a network) it may be useful to know that one can telnet to the printer, type some text, and have that text print on the printer.

Start by telnetting to the printer's address and port 9100.

$ telnet 9100
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

Note that the Escape character is generated by pressing Ctrl-]; the caret (^) means use the Ctrl key.

Type some text and then press Ctrl-L to eject the page, and the text you typed should be printed on the page. There is no wordwrap, so if you type more than about 80 characters on a line, they won't be on the page. On the other hand, hitting Enter as you type will cause the output to start on a new line (like a typewriter, basically).

To end the session, press Ctrl-] which will take you to a telnet> prompt, and then type quit.