Pics from the house addition project

The quality of these pictures is crummy at best.  They were taken with Jill's Barbie digital camera, which cost only about $50 a few years ago.  You get what you pay for.  Perhaps it's time to invest in a real digital camera...

  This is a shot of the temporary wall that is cutting the living room in half.  The fireplace is on the left.

  Here's the inside of the front left bedroom-to-be, looking at the side window.  The sloping part on the right is part of the old roof.

  This doorway, in the master bedroom, used to go out to the attic.  Note the studs of the temporary wall in our room.

These pictures are from some time in late March.

  This is the new northwest bedroom.  Michael will probably sleep here.

These pictures were taken April 21.  The bay window is installed and most of the roof is on.  But no siding yet.

UPDATE: The addition is now complete.  It's October, 2001, and the builders just finished up the various loose ends last week.  The results are shown below.

Here is how the house looks now.  You can't really tell what it used to be like,  which is what we wanted.  We didn't want the addition to be obvious.

This is a poor man's panorama of the living room.  Actually, 'poor' is a generous term in this case.

Here's an even worse panorama of the upstairs hallway.  The door to Jill's room is on the right side of the first two pictures; our bedroom is on the right in the last picture, with the door to Michael's new room to the left (although he hasn't moved in yet).

I tried to take some pictures of the bedrooms, but the camera has such a narrow focus that you can't really get any idea of what they look like.

I should have thought of this a long time ago. Below are some before and after drawings that the architect did at the beginning of the whole project. It just now occurred to me to scan them in and post them. They give you a pretty good idea of the changes to the house. You can see that the back part of the house didn't change on either floor.

On the left is what the first floor used to be, and on the right is how it is now.

Here is the second floor. Again, on the left is the way it used to be, and on the right is how it is now.